Sling Shot

Customized Sling Short, Made of 80% Cotton, 20% Rubber Logo: Customized logo Feature: Pure Elastic provide breathability, very effective for push-ups and other exercises. MOQ: 35 Pieces Color: Available in RED, BLUE, BLACK, YELLOW, ORANGE or customized, Packing: Per piece pack in poly bag, 75 pieces in a box.



The Original Sling Shot will allow you to handle overload in the bench press while avoiding the pain that comes along with pushing your body to the limit.
This effect can greatly reduce stress on the shoulders, elbows, and chest.
It mimics natural muscle movement by lengthening and shortening with the muscles thus giving support on the eccentric and concentric phase of a bench press,
The Sling Shot is easy to put on, easy to use and will help maintain correct form
It is suitable for lifters of all ages and strength levels.


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